Personal profile.

My background

My various experiences in schools over the last 9 years, have allowed me to develop the necessary skills to support students in overcoming obstacles to their progress and enabling them to make at least the expected levels of progress in the subject. As a result, I have a proven track record of improved results from effective interventions with cohorts of students.


I have experience in leading a faculty in planning, delivering and assessing AQA new specification GCSE Language and Literature, as part of which I have actively pursued all CPD in order to hone my expertise. I have also thoroughly researched all other boards to gain an understanding of their exam requirements and mark schemes. As part of my previous roles, and in light of the new GCSE specifications, I have extensive experience of long term planning including embedding the new specification skills from Y7 up to Y11 whilst still including the requirements of the national curriculum (where required). My most recent long term planning has been used by an AQA advisor as an exemplar in their national training.

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