What can I offer?

Marking/moderation of GCSE exam papers and KS3 assessments

With 100% examination in Summer 2017, internal exams will be crucial in determining progress throughout the year and regular, timely feedback will be vital. I have a wealth of examination/assessment experience and have undertaken all available AQA centre training for the new specification, as well as researching all other major exam boards. I offer a competitive per paper rate and include a free ‘examiner's report’ to support future planning and question level analysis (please contact in advance to arrange delivery of exam papers and deadlines).

Spoken language moderation and audio-visual sample submission

New Spoken Language requirements outlined by Ofqual mean that all centres, regardless of exam board, will need to submit an audio-visual sample for each cohort. I am able to offer recording and moderation of the sample as a hassle free way to get your sample ready to go.

Work scrutiny at all levels from KS2-KS4

Including a written report highlighting staff/faculty strengths and areas for development. The focus can be set by your school and I am happy to use any school-based proforma/scrutiny document.

Long term planning

Dependent on your requirements I can create, or work with your team to develop, 5 year long term plans for the new GCSE specification or am able to meet with the faculty and create a bespoke plan.

Medium term planning

For each unit I can produce a week by week medium term plan which includes AOs covered, levelled outcomes using GCSE criteria, suggested activity guidelines, formative and summative assessment opportunities.

Short term planning

Dependent on school requirements I am able to plan resources and short term schemes. Please contact me for more details as these can be ‘off the peg’.

KS3 and KS4 intervention

With the 100% examination GCSE in 2017, interventions around exam preparation will be crucial in securing student progress. Whether it’s Pupil Premium, Raising Boy’s Achievement or another priority are that your faculty/school has; I am able to provide small group or whole class interventions. This could be within the school day or in the school holidays (notice required). I can offer a strategic approach throughout the year where students are given extra support at regular intervals in order to fill any gaps in attainment and achievement.

See my contact page to enquire about any of these services.

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